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Opportunity knocks in mystery ways

See Class of 2017: Michael Christie’s broken ankle leads to a bright career path healing others | UToday | University of Calgary


Kids need to BE HIP November 1 2016

See Dr. DB’s article: Kid’s health and exercise research: The whole kit and caboodle. This relates to a series of publications from the B.E. H.I.P. (Biochemical Evaluation during a Health Intervention Programme) study from Dr. Ali Venner’s PhD project.Kids H PKDB

  1. Venner AA, Lyon ME, Reimer RA, Doyle-Baker PK. (2016, Feb.). Changes in leptin and adiponectin concentrations during a high intensity exercise intervention programme for obese children. Integrative Obesity and Diabetes, 2(2), pp.200-207.
  2. Doyle-Baker PK, Venner AA, Lyon ME, Fung TS. (2011). Impact of a combined diet and progressive exercise intervention for overweight and obese children: the B.E. H.I.P. study. Appl Physiol Nutr Metab 36, (4): 515-25.
  3. Venner AA, Lyon ME, & Doyle-Baker PK. (2008). A Meta-Analysis of Leptin Reference Ranges in the Pediatric Prepubertal. Annals of Clinical Biochemistry 46(PT1):65-72.
  4. Venner AA, Lyon ME, & Doyle-Baker PK. (2006). Leptin: a potential biomarker for childhood obesity? Clin Biochem. 39(11):1047-56.

Practice to Purpose August 2015

smile Dr. DB

Learn about Dr. DB’s experiences from childhood to academic researcher. Profile: Shepherding Physical Activity: Applying Practice to Purpose.

Research to PKDB


Career Musing February 2015

If you want some career musing, check out Dr. DB’s  chapter  titled: Sportiva: Finding the sweet spot Screenshot 2016-08-29 14.53.37in your future career.

In the book  Exercise and Sport for the Curious –
Why Study Exercise and Sports: The Truth About College Major, Research, Scholarships, and Jobs
(How to Prepare Yourself for Career Success in Exercise and Sport?).

Success Stories Publishing (t/a The Curious Academic Publishing). Kindle eBook, First edition.


Research always continues November 2015

Dr. DB wrote a piece on heart rate rhythm which relates back to her master thesis with rowers.The Rhythm and Reason for Heart Rate Monitoring in Sport. Adjacent Government.




Healthy UNI Approach October 2015

Dr. Doyle-Baker is passionate about health and in particular student health. Have a read of the following article that details research surrounding students. ‘Healthy UNI’: a decade of work surrounding student health. e-book. Adjacent Government.




Injury Prevention December 2015

Injury prevention has a large mandate at the U of Calgary.

File 2016-08-29, 3 14 02 PMRead Dr. DB’s article of A Spotlight on Sport. e-book. International Innovation. 168. Pp. 92-94.