About our lab



We are a lab group consisting of graduate trainees and summer students working under the supervision of Dr. Doyle-Baker at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Dr. Doyle-Baker is a clinical researcher and professor at the University of Calgary in the Faculties of Kinesiology and School of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape (adjunct).

She is a collaborator with the Sports Injury Research Prevention Centre (SIRPC), a member of the O’Brien Institute for Public Health and the Alberta Children Hospital Research Institute for Child and Maternal Health.


We know she loves the outdoors and anything and everything to do with health,


sport and kids, sport and students!

Check out her profile and blogs… and sometimes she puts a poem in her writing and presentations. Here’s one she did for a panel presentation on the concept related to Nature Deficit.

“In your neighbourhood how many trees can you see and how many caterpillars land at your feet? Does the incline in your yard make you roll and does the tree behind the deck substitute as a climbing pole? Will physical activity become erased, if we all move to that suburbia place? Should you track your exercise with a pedometer or maybe it should be an accelerometer? Oh, what the heck, just get GPS, because it stands for all you need, green, places, and spaces.”



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