Conferences and Awards

June 24, 2017 CSEP Professional Development Day: Calgary: a day of practical and clinical learning from our very own experts in the field.

File 2017-07-10, 1 38 00 PM

Dr. DB  gave a workshop on: Title: Why exercise is medicine for the older adult: High five!

Other presenters included: Ms. Jessica Power Cyr and Dr. Gisele Tennant.

Both of these presenters gave lectures in KN203 winter 2016.  Jess will be instructing KN433 winter 2018.




June 2017 Mike Christie and Kayla Kashluba presented their research as a combined poster at the Research and Community Engagement Symposium.

Title: Dry-Land Training Program Evaluation and Injury Surveillance Feasibility in the Alberta Alpine Club System in U-14 Ski-Racers.

May 10-14 2017 Dr. DB presented 8th International Scientific Conference on Kinesiology in  Opatija, Croatia.


Title: Female Athlete Triad- probable but difficult to confirm in elite female ice hockey players. This research is from work completed with M.Sc student Leanne  Mclean (MacDonald).

May 2-3rd 2017 Eshleen Grewal presented in the Ignite Sessions at The 2017 Conference Committee University of Calgary Conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching“Creating a Learning Culture: Conversations that Matter.”

Title: Students’ Voices Give Rise to Curriculum Content Review


January 27th, 2017, 8th Annual Shaping the Furture-Ever Active Schools Conference   

Anna Mikolajczak,  summer student from 2016, presented her File 2017-01-28, 9 12 46 PM.jpegresearch at the conference in Kananaskis.

The title of her poster was: Implementing ‘fit breaks’ at science based summer camps: a pilot study.





Screenshot 2017-01-30 14.46.01.png

Hey, that’s our very own Dr. DB featured on the Nourish Move Thrive (NMT) website. Check out their great blog and recipes.


November 2-3  2016, International Forum on Public Health Education (IFPHE)

Eshleen Grewal and Dr. DB attended the IFPHE in Edmonton. Eshleen delivered her first oral presentation titled “A qualitative approach to student’s perspective on the inclusion of public health content in the Faculty of Kinesiology.”

The presentation was given in a session on Undergraduate and Interprofessional Education and many questions were asked about Eshleen’s talk.



October 27-30th 2016 Perspectives in Exercise Health and Fitness .

Dr. DB presented at the PFHF2016 conference in Kananaskis, on Gerokinesiology- the Swiss Army Knife of Ageing and Physical and Activity and Stress: How exercise steal the thunder of cortisol!  Lots of tweets went out form the conference.

Screenshot 2016-11-08 13.02.50.png

September 10-11th 2016, CASCH Conference

Our summer research ended with five trainees (Anna, Eshleen, Kayla, Malcolm and Mike) attending the Campus Alberta Student Conference on Health (CASCH). This is the DB lab’s third time attending. Kayla, Malcolm and Mike all had poster presentations. Dr. DB also sits on Dr. Grazia Salvo master thesis committee, who had a poster as well.

Dr. DB had great fun because she was able to be reacquainted with several former KNES 433 students who are all doing their masters in epidemiology at U. of C. (Community Health Sciences) or in Public Health at U.of Alberta.

Fun fact: The DB lab won the tweet competition!

May 26th 2016, President Award

One of our very own from the Doyle-Baker Lab, M.Sc Student Andrew Stewart is a recipient of the the President Award. Andrew was instrumental in developing the first combined student, faculty and staff influenza clinic on main campus.

Screenshot 2016-08-26 11.30.45
Andrew’s Graduation day

Winners of the 2016 President’s Award announced | UToday | University of Calgary

March 15th 2016 Community Service Award

Dr. Doyle-Baker was recognized and awarded the Community Service Award from the Faculty Association of the University of Calgary. Ms. Jennie Petersen a former graduate student nominated Dr. DB.

image2For more information click on Community-Service-Award

‘It is all about people taking action to help improve public health of others’ | UToday | University of Calgary

Jennie Petersen, Sharon Doram (also former student) and Ken Lima-Coelho standing with Dr. DB. All work for the YMCA-Calgary and Dr. DB is a Board of Director.

Dr. DB thanking Justine and Sandra.

Chair of the Association’s Awards Committee (Justine Wheeler from LCR) and Association President, Sandra Hoenle.

September 4th and 5th 2015 CASCH Conference 

Several members of the Doyle-Baker Lab had the opportunity to attend the 2015 Campus Alberta Student Conference On Health in Banff, Alberta on September 4th and 5th. The theme of the conference was effectively engaging interdisciplinary work in healthcare. Keynote presentations were delivered by Dr. Janet Harris and Dr. Yoni Freedhof. Delegates had the opportunity to attend seminars, workshops, and engage in conversation about health and health-related research with post-seconary students from across Alberta. Kaitlyn Verge presented her poster “Self Reported Health Outcomes in 1st Year University Students Based on a Quality of Life Questionnaire”, Karim Narsingani presented his poster “Exercise training in patients on the liver transplant list: A pilot study”, and Mike Christie presented his poster “Hamstring muscle strength at least one year after ACL reconstruction: what you really “knee” to know”.


From left to right: Kaitlyn Verge, Dr. Doyle-Baker, Mike Christie, Dr. Li, Karim Narsingani, and Andrew Stewart (not pictured) represented the Doyle-Baker Lab at CASCH 2015 in Banff, Alberta.

We had a big group at the dinner table as we  brought along a member from another lab as well (Doug). Everyone had an poster or an oral presentation with the exception of visiting professor Dr. Bob Li from China. He very graciously acted as a photographer for our group.

March 31, 2015 Last Lecture Series

 Dr. Doyle Baker delivered a talk entitled “The Three C’s in a Career and an Oreo Cookie” in That Empty Space in MacEwan Student Centre on campus as part of the Last Lecture series.

As a Dr. PH and an Associate Professor in Kinesiology and EVDS, she was chosen to participate in this event that asks professors to consider what they would say to students if it was the final lecture of their career.last lecture

For more information on this lecture, visit:

November 2014 Dr. Bako Award

Congrats to Dr. Doyle-Baker as the recipient of the  being Dr. Bako award. This award is presented biennially to an individual who has made outstanding contributions in the areas of Health and Fitness. This award was presented at the 2014 Perspectives in Exercise Health and Fitness Conference on in Kananaski.

A conversation with Dr. DB

August 16, 2014 HPL Open House

Lisa Campkin acted as the DBL representative at the HPL open house for the International Calgary Running Symposium participants. Hit the link below to see our poster from the open house – Driving Health Outcomes – and get to know all of the work we do!

 Doyle-Baker Lab

April 25, 2014 Teaching Excellence Award

The Student’s Union hosted the 30th annual Teaching Excellence Awards, and Jodi received an award for excellence as a Teaching Assistant. Student feedback determines the winners, who receive certificates and apple trophies.  Congrats, Jodi!

[All rights reserved by Gene Baines & UToday]

April 9, 2014 Research Opportunity

Due to my affiliation with Dr. Doyle-Baker I was given the opportunity to attend the 2014 Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Symposium as a trainee. Additionally an abstract for a research poster on some of my current work on the attitudes and beliefs of parents, young adults and physicians regarding vaccination with the seasonal flu vaccine was submitted was presented.

The first day of the symposium was split into three sessions with presentations being given by experts from the University of Calgary’s research community along with invited international researchers. A wide scope of areas was covered focusing on the theme groups of preterm birth and fertility, asthma in children, early nutrition and pediatric cancers. Each of these is an issue which presents major challenges to individuals working the field of Children’s health.

While these areas of research do not completely align with my current research project attending these presentations provided a great opportunity to learn about the current state of the field of pediatrics and maternal health as well as learn from the amazing speakers selected about their own personal research processes – something invaluable to a researcher regardless of their area of study.

As a poster presenter I was further able to interact with many individuals within the context of my own work. Through these communications was given the opportunity to experience a multitude of perspectives many of which lead to the development of a deeper understanding of my own work. Even though it can be a bit nerve wracking at times to talk to strangers about your own work, it was a great experience.

As part of this symposium the organizational committee planned a Trainee Career Development Day the next day specifically the graduate students of members of ACHRI. Presentations were given which ranged from advice on how to succeed as an academic to advice on networking. The day was wrapped up with a presentation on formal dining etiquette training. This was another great experience which allowed for students from a variety of fields to interact in a less formal atmosphere.

From my past conference experiences few rivaled how thoughtfully planned the attendee experience was. Often the needs of the graduate student are neglected but it is evident that the organizing committee kept us in mind providing great opportunities for learning, networking and development.

– written by contributor Andrew Stewart

April 9-11, 2014 CDPAC Conference

Lisa traveled to Ottawa, Ontario to present her thesis work “Physician’s Perceptions of the Role of Certified Exercise Physiologists in Primary Care: What’s Up, Doc? ” at the CDPAC Fifth Pan-Canadian Conference . Her presentation can be found at:

October 16-19, 2013 CSEP Conference

Dr. Doyle-Baker, Jodi and Andrew went to Toronto for the CSEP Annual General Meeting, hosted by the University of Toronto. The theme of this conference was  Extreme Human Physiology: Pathology to Performance. All three took away valuable information and Andrew and Jodi were able to give presentations.

September 6-7, 2013 CASCH Conference

In September 2013, the DBL (both graduate and undergraduate students) traveled as a group to Banff, Alberta to participate in the Campus Alberta Student Conference on Health (CASCH). Some members presented their most recent research in oral or poster format.  We were able to meet other students and faculty member involved in health sciences and become fully engaged in our career development.

[All rights reserved by CASCH Conference]

November 17, 2012 PA Conference

Lisa was able to attend a conference held at Arizona State University in Phoenix, AZ, USA. The Roadmap for Physical Activity, Lifestyle and Comparative Effectiveness Research was was National Strategic Summit organized by ACSM. Lisa was happy to represent one of the only Canadians in attendance and was able present some of her work in poster format. Although she traveled alone, she was able to make it to a Phoenix Suns basketball game and ended up meeting the team afterwards!


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