Forage Study-undergrad project

Are you thinking about starting an exercise program and wish to gain valuable information about your body composition and aerobic fitness?

The Doyle-Baker Lab at the University of Calgary recruited participants for a study investigating the relationship between physical activity and gut bacteria composition. participants were:

  • Male
  • Between the ages of 18-55 yrs.,
  • Considered: sedentary and unfit, i.e., sit for 12 hours a day and did participate in physical activity
  • A BMI of 28 or higher
  • Had no known chronic illness, cardiac disease, and not currently taking any medications

Participation involved providing information about physical activity and diet, a stool sample, as well as taking part in 1 hr of testing that involved a body composition scan (DXA) and a submaximal bike test. Upon completion the participant summary included: personal results (body composition, blood pressure, heart rate, aerobic fitness etc.)

Thank you for your interest in this study, please click the link below to fill out a prescreening survey to help us determine your eligibility to participate in this study.


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