Welcome to the Doyle-Baker lab blog!

Here is a little profile of who we are and what we do, and what our blog and twitter is all about!!

About us:

We are a lab group consisting of graduate and summer students working under the supervision of Dr. Doyle-Baker at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Dr. Doyle-Baker is a clinical researcher and associate professor at the University of Calgary in the faculties of Kinesiology and Environmental Design (adjunct), and also an affiliate with Population Health Intervention Research Centre, Collaborator with the Sport Injury Research Prevention Centre and Member: ACH Research Institute for Child and Maternal Health.

So, what do you do?

Dr. Doyle-Baker received is a Doctor of Public Health (Dr. PH) and she received this from Loma Linda University in California, focusing on epidemiology – the study of how often disease occur in different groups of people and why (www.bmj.com), and clinical preventive services. Dr. Doyle-Baker’s research primarily involves preventative medicine, clinical exercise physiology and epidemiology (http://www.ucalgary.ca/knes/doyle-baker).

Therefore, as graduate (master-level) and summer students of this lab – we focus on and conduct research in the field of health and wellness – more specifically public health. Our research projects range from topics such as osteoarthritis in sport, Vitamin D in populations, health economics and social media.

Why do you have a blog?

Is red wine and dark chocolate actually good for your heart?

Can plaque buildup in your arteries and be reversed?

Is the flu shot beneficial?

When searching for answers to questions, one does not have to look further than search results on Google, episodes of Dr. Oz and opinionated magazine articles to realize that there are many contradicting answers!! Often you can even find a source to confirm what you would like to believe about specific health topics.

As a lab group we have collectively agreed that there remains a gap in knowledge between the research and what is considered “truth” in the general population. Throughout our undergraduate degrees and continuing into our graduate studies, we understand this gap by talking to our friends, family and co-workers about these topics. We realize the lack of knowledge or misinterpretation of knowledge that is out there, and wish to inform and educate on the most recent research to answer questions regarding health and wellness!

We wish to contribute our efforts to help close this gap by using Twitter and our blog to help keep you updated and informed about the latest research and results. We hope to answer your questions and clear any misconceptions about particular topics.

How do I know this research is actually accurate and true?

Our tweets and blogs will be based on evidence based research which means it is peer reviewed and published in high impact scientific journals.

Peer reviewed means that research has been reviewed by other professionals in the same field to confirm that the methods and results of the project are reliable and accurate. Research is reviewed by more than one person, and often undergoes many revisions.

Published means that research has undergone peer reviews and considerably more reviews from journal editors. Once research is published, it is available to other academics and researchers, who may actually try to replicate the study again to see if the same results are obtained. Research must contain background information on the topic, the methods it used, and results, followed by a discussion on the results and limitations of the study.

Scientific journals are sources where research is published. There may be many research articles (called journals) in a single journal, and they are often published many times throughout the year with different research articles in them.

The point of describing this procedure is to help you understand that our lab will only be using research that has undergone the highest level of critique and acceptance in the scientific community. Our sources of information will be tried, tested and true. We will call that the ‘triple T outcome’

However, as research evolves there are continuously new and superior methods of research being discovered. Therefore, we devote ourselves to bring you only the highest quality of information that is out there on that given day!!

What will this blog look like?

Each month we are planning different themes that correspond to the month – we will include articles from different sources, critique their accuracy and bring you answers from the research that is available!

Thank you for taking the time to take a look at our blog! Stay tuned in the coming weeks for what we have in store!!


Dr. Doyle-Baker and the lab team


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